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Hello Potential Insider Trader Mug Club Member!


I’m Dan McCabe- lifelong Beverly resident and local potter. I have been making mugs (and a variety of ceramic artwork) since 2000. Over the years I have been well-supported by the community through local markets, the Beverly Art Walk, and even texts and calls from friends and neighbors asking to stop by and see my work. The support and excitement I’ve been so fortunate to receive has helped me to evolve and grow as an artist, and has deeply connected me to the Beverly/Morgan Park community.


When Open Outcry Brewing Company moved in at the end of my block, I was pumped. Owner John Brand has a reputation of being an outstanding community member, and a creative and savvy businessman. I knew if we put our heads together, we’d be able to come up with a way to merge our talents and create a bigger sense of community. While mug clubs aren’t necessarily a “new thing,” we knew we wanted to reinvent the idea to make it extremely personalized. We knew a stock mug, manufactured by machine, with an Open Outcry logo slapped on, would not provide the interactive, engaging Mug Club experience we both envisioned.


Insider Trader Mug Club mugs are all individually handmade by me. They start as a lump of clay; they are thrown on a potter’s wheel; they are fired, glazed & decaled; they are kiln fired again. The process is tedious and meticulous and extremely rewarding! But the very best part for me, is allowing you (the community members) to be part of the process. Your handwriting… artwork… ideas… favorite sayings… it all becomes part of the mug. Therefore, the mugs are not just visual indicatication to all other bar patrons that you are, in fact, a VIP, but they speak to others about who you are. They hold your beer, they spark conversation, and they represent community.


If art changes people, and people change the world, we might as well facilitate that change one beer at a time!



Dan McCabe

*Form must be turned in At Open outcry brewery 

            at 10934 s. Western Ave, Chicago, il

Check out this video!

How this works:

In my mind, this project is collaborative with you!

The original intent was for everyone to have something hand-drawn per the box on the form....but that has changed into peeps also sending me logos, pics, and other images...which is totally fine! 

If you choose to send me an image, please send me exactly what you want on the mug,

I can not create your image, as the intent of this project is for you to create something that represents YOU, something that will most likely become a constant talking point at Outcry.


I  am not currently equipped to print color ceramic decals.

I print decals by a process know as "sepia tone transfers."

This process takes advantage of the iron in some standard printers and the firing process embeds the image into the glaze on your pot! 

As the image melts into your mug, It may distort a little, that's part of the process. 

Check out some examples below! 


My hope for this project is that the sight of these odd-ball mugs being used around Outcry causes people to notice them; and then they might ask about them; and the members might explain and show off their little custom sections; and that might spur a little convo.....and one thing leads to another and boom!....ur best friends! 

Hope this makes sense?...

I'm down for whatever, lemme know how I can help. 


Insider Trader mugs are numbered

       to corresponding cubby. 


Member Bell!

Ring on arrival! 

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