Custom Work

All my pots are entirely handmade!

By me! 

The work I'm currently producing has many steps and requires at least 3 firings in the kiln. 

The decals I use are a mix of mostly my own drawings, collaged with vintage color decals a buy on Ebay. 

And Yes!

I can make decals for you too! 

A decaled mug typically start at $45.


Custom mugs require communication, emailing, a back and forth, and editing/layout at the minimum. 

A custom decaled mug starts at $55,

simple images supplied by customer. 


Image creation will increase to upwards of +$25, depending on the project. 

How to Custom with me! 

Send me a pic! ....a photograph(s) of whatever! 

Or! A drawing! (Snap a pic of it) 

Format doesn't matter, jpeg. 

Quality of the photo can be whatever...if you send me something and it isn't working, I'll let you know! 

Words.......I can do whatever....

You can send me anything, in any font...

...but what I think is the coolest, 

is for you to write out your personal note/remark,

and send me a photo of the text! 


*At this time, I can not produce handmade custom images. 

For color decals, I have them printed
through this  company
They run $50 a page. 

I'm currently able to print decals using a process called sepia tone transfer. 

This process uses the iron in printer toner, and embeds it in the glaze. 

Because of this, the custom prints are brown (sepia). 

Send me an email if your interested!