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Dinner Club


Mission Statement: 

The Dinner Club's intention is to give its participants an amazingly unique dining experience.

With many unbelievable chief's here on the South-side of Chicago, each event will be themed to the chief, and the meal. 

And, with many unbelievable businesses here on the South-side of Chicago, we'd like to form partnerships with anyone willing, in whatever way, to work together towards creating an amazing dining experience.


  • featured chief, ever changing meals & evenings...

  • Music

  • Local business participation; flowers, candles, beverages, decor, 

  • Secret location.....? Empty building, weird roof top, park/field, backyard, business, ???....! 

  • Meal plate take home keep sake

  • Menu keep sake (outline of expenses)

Cost:  **Each event is different.

Cost is entirely based on the individual factors that make that event happen. 

The backside of the menu will list each of the expenses and the ticket total.


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