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Hey peeps!

Thanks for checkin' out my Mug Club page.

I'm calling this, the Year of the Mug! So I'm doing a lot of experimenting with mugs, exploring form, painting, & creating all new decals!

This mug club will function like a CSA, with an initial buy in, and then just sit back and forget about it and let the mugs roll in!

     *2018 designs are flowers!

    Dandelions, Echinacea (Cone Flower), Violets, and 4GetMeNot! 

Mug would come in on a quarterly basis, March, June, September, and December. 4 mugs per year. 

NEXT CYCLE STARTS: March! ...makes for a great holiday gift!

*For production timelines, customers must be signed up one month before next cycle to be   included in that cycle.


Standard Coffee Mugs        = 30 bucks, clams, doll-hairs (3"x5" ish)

            *1lb of clay

Big Boy Coffee/Beer Mugs = 40 bucks, clams, doll-hairs (?"x?" ish)

            *11/2lbs of clay​

Standard order = $120 for 4 mugs, + shipping.

Big boy order    = $160 for 4 mugs, + shipping.


$40 for the year ($10 per mug), or enter local pick-up code. 

The shipping cost covers the shipping for all four packages, one per season for the year.


Free local pick up!  *use (Coupon code: Bevpickup37)*  


If you opt for the local pickup option, your item will be bagged and ready for your pickup, on my porch on the 1st of the month. 

To join the mug CLUB !

Click Here!

Coming SOON!

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